• His work is powerful to the point of gripping, and I believe he is profoundly talented. His ability to channel emotion and experience through his work is both visceral and intellectual. He is a potential mouthpiece for his generation. The courage he has shown in his personal life is reflected in his work. I have enjoyed talking with him, and am so impressed by his ability that I have invited him to use an external wall of my home as a showcase for his work. I look forward to that project with excitement, and am delighted to be able to write on his behalf.


Michael Short – Columnist and Editor of The Zone at The Age and across Fairfax Media



  • I have been involved in Henry’s world for over five years, both as his art teacher at Mt Eliza Secondary College and supervising him in various art programs since he left school. My teaching career has spanned almost three decades and in that time l have never witnessed a more passionate, devoted, driven and talented pupil. Henry was an outstanding Art and Studio Arts student who gained exceptional results during his VCE years. He was short-listed from thousands of hopefuls for Top Arts, which was an incredible achievement. He is an inspirational figurehead to many aspiring young art students. Henry’s work is powerfully confronting and yet paradoxically sensitively evocative. His subject matter is often based on personal experiences. Henry’s technique is raw and direct, with expressively powerful use of colour, often applied in carefully controlled glazes which run together harmoniously and integrate his works as a whole. Collage features as a recurring methodology and builds textural layers both physically and metaphorically. Henry is perpetually devoted to his craft and his mind is forever seeking the means to explore and resolve the endless possibilities of visually representing his private universe. His work ethics are unmatched. Henry’s grit and determination will one day be the reason for his wider acceptance and artistic success. In the future, Henry will emerge as a powerful contender in the contemporary art scene. Art literally is his life.


Sue Holderness – Head of The Arts, Mount Eliza Secondary College.



  • Henry Edwards has put his engagement with the work of Bosch, El Greco and Kahlo to great effect in the development of his own artistic practice - technically, compositionally and emotionally. In his current work, tender, gentle hues, creating an almost lyrical surface reminiscent of an early renaissance painting, are over painted with strong, raw mixes of colour that speak of Henry’s street art background. The effect is to heighten the emotive and psychological drama that is played out in his works. Deeply personal in their subject matter, Henry’s paintings compel and challenge the viewer.


Marg Bowman BA, BVA – Artist; Gallerist - Tjanpi Desert Weavers, previously Papunya Tula Artists



  • I was working with the Shire’s Youth team on a National Youth Week event at Peninsula Community Theatre, Mornington in 2010 and Henry was recommended to me as an exciting emerging artist and worthy of an exhibition. I’ve worked in the arts for over 35 years and Harry does have what it takes: a sense of passion, vulnerability and his love of personal narrative. His art skills are immediately seductive, experimental, confident and brave. I can now add discipline and conviction too. Henry’s manner of working within the public domain is highly commendable; he openly shared his drawing skills with the young people invited to create environmental art cards as part of the Youth Week event. I wish this inspirational young person a long and fruitful artistic career.


Andrea Ebsworth – Cultural Planner, Morninton Peninsula Shire 


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