The Exhibition: Project, Concept, Aim

The Project:


An exhibition of a body of 18 painted works on canvas in a traditionally formatted wall hung exhibition supported by mounted sketches. The paintings have been completed over a period of 3 years. They reflect the personal experiences and observations of the artist.


The Concept:


As a teenage street artist life is exciting but often also confronting and frightening. Drugs, violence, crime, abuse, are interwoven with excitement, friendship, artistic challenge, a sense of life on the edge and personal growth. Many of the people attracted to this genre are somewhat marginalized already. Mental health problems, substance abuse and abusive childhood experiences set an uncomfortable backdrop for a turbulent period for lots of the young people finding a home, friendship and a sense of belonging in the close knit world of street art. The pain experienced is often relegated to society’s blind spot. This exhibition endeavors to provide a degree of emotional insight to the spectator and explores the fragility of the decision making process. For Henry this period represents a ‘crossroads’.


The Aim:


The paintings in this body of work are informed by the artist’s experiences from adolescence on and represent a deeply insightful response to his own understandings and observation. Battling depression and anxiety and struggling with alcohol dependence from an early age he endeavors to bring an insiders view of a lurking darkness. The paintings are a confronting surrealistic interpretation of the artist’s observations and experiences of the mental health and substance abuse issues prevalent amongst his peers. The works seek to communicate emotions driven by desperation and reference the frustrations of trying to find assistance in a well meaning but dysfunctional and disconnected system. They are intended to talk to but also to shock and awaken the viewer.